WEDDING Fons & Judith

Who: Fons and Judith
Where: their country estate in the south of the Netherlands
Special: a winter wedding
Details: the red pick-up truck, the old Puch, the muddy hem of Judith’s dress, reflecting her love for the outdoors and the father - daughter handshake in church.

What the pictures don’t tell: 
It rained the whole week leading up to the wedding. On the day itself we got up at 7am, looked outside and…magic. A perfect layer of snow covered the ground, the trees, the rooftops.

In the early days, Fons and Judith used the Puch to drive into the village for their dates.

Fons and Judith created the concept for their wedding themselves and then found the perfect people to design every little detail. They even found a ‘tree rental’ guy, specialized in making decorations from trees!