Who: Joris and Anouk
Where: St. Joris Doele, Schiedam and Strandpaviljoen Zuid, Scheveningen
Special: no limo for this couple, they used a bright orange Volkswagen campervan
Details: the interior of the house in Schiedam, the original ‘bride and groom’ on the wedding cake, pizza with wine (because it’s never a bad time for pizza!)

What the pictures don’t tell:
Joris and Anouk both are designers and chose the house in Schiedam because of it’s special interior. 

The musicians outside are friends who held a surprise concert for the couple. 

The stop at the gas station was unstaged: they ran out of gas between Schiedam and Scheveningen! 

The guests got dancing lessons from real pros before Joris and Anouk did their opening dance. Luckily they still easily outperformed everyone, but it sure got everyone dancing straight away (not always easy for us Dutchies).