I’m Eva, born in a small town in the south of Holland, currently living in a crooked Amsterdam canal house. 

My photography is about chasing atmospheres. I shoot what I see, how I see it. 

It comes naturally to me to focus on ‘what is’, so that is what I do. I love the concept of wabi sabi: finding beauty in imperfection, beauty in the here and now. 

I use this here-and-now approach in all my work, whether I am shooting a wedding, my travels, or an interior. I am the observer, the fly on the wall, capturing what draws my attention.



I got my first camera when I was ten years old, and I still remember the agony of waiting and then the excitement every time I went to pick up developed photographs from the store. I also remember the first time I discovered that people appreciated my photos: high school classmates pointed out that my pictures of our class trip to Rome were so different from theirs and told me they really enjoyed them.  

The seed was planted, but I went on to study architecture. I felt drawn to the combination of creativity and technology. Studying architecture fueled my interest in natural materials, simplicity, pragmatism and down to earth design. I see these qualities, this air of wabi sabi, reflected in the work and books of Swiss architect Peter Zumthor and Belgian art collector/designer Axel Vervoordt, two geniuses who I admire greatly. 

Studying architecture also made me realize that photography came naturally to me in a way that architecture didn’t. So I decided to try to earn money with my photography. I started with one wedding, then another, then added interiors and travel to the mix.

And now I am very grateful to be able to say I make my living doing what I love most. Everything about this work brings me so much joy and energy, especially seeing that my clients are happy with my photographs. 

Photography also offers more than enough to keep the geeky part of me happy. There is always more to learn and explore. I’ve recently added motion to my portfolio, which adds a whole new dimension. 

Although I can never really take of my photographer’s glasses, I do also occasionally do other things. When I am not working, I am busy ‘sloop rowing’ around the Amsterdam canals with a bunch of friends, collecting shells at the beach (any beach!), and skiing.

Now that you know about me I’d love to hear from YOU. Getting married, interested in working together, need photographs of your design home in the Hawaii? Contact me at the contact page or at info@evabloem.nl and we’ll make it work!